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things to help speed up C-section recovery

Most women will opt for normal delivery of their childbirth. But for some, they have to have a Cesarean section due to various reasons.

And just like any other medical surgery, C-section delivery leaves your body in a more tender and fragile condition. So your body needs extra care and attention to recover. 

Things to do to for quick C-Section recovery

After C-section, your body will go through two major recoveries. They are postpartum recovery and post-surgery recovery. So, a lot is going on in your physical system during C-section recovery.

Having experienced two C-sections myself, I found the first few months after birth are the crucial time for me to look after myself. Because you want to get yourself right to be able to look after your baby, don’t you? Normally, your body takes 6-8 weeks to recover after childbirth. But of course, it all depends on many factors and your circumstances.

I found that it takes effort, care and discipline for quick C-section recovery.

The following are the things that I did during my C-section recovery time. I’m hoping they can be a good takeaway for you and be a part of all you need to know for your Cesarean section recovery.

1. Have Bone Broth Everyday

My sister in law used to make this simple clear chicken soup for me literally every week. She used to make in a batch, enough for me to drink one cup every day. It’s a very simple bone broth that is very good to replenish the nutrients for your body after the surgery.

You can make the broth by using chicken parts with bones e.g. wings and legs. But you can also make it with cow or lamb bones.

Basically, you can make the broth with any broth recipe you like. However, the way that my sister-in-law used to make it is by boiling a few pieces of chicken wings/legs in about 1.5 liters of water with 1 inch of ginger, a few cloves of garlic, a few pinches of turmeric, 10 black peppercorns, 6-7 cloves. Boil at low heat for about 1-1.5 hours after the water reaches a boiling point.

tips on what you can do for a quick c-section recovery

2. Drink Turmeric And Tamarind Mix

I used to make this concoction towards the end of my pregnancy. It’s based on Indonesian traditional herbal drink, jamu. There are so many types of Jamu mixtures (an herbal drink), but the popular ones for afterbirth are the mix of ginger, tamarind, turmeric and palm sugar.

The mixture is good to accelerate your postpartum C-section recovery and to get your stamina back. Because all these spices have beneficial properties anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. As for palm sugar, it contains trace minerals such as iron, magnesium, etc.

To make one liter of Jamu, I put 1 inch of fresh ginger, 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder, 50 g Tamarind block, and about 2 tablespoons of palm sugar (you can adjust the amount of sugar according to your taste) in approximately 1.25 liter boiling water. Let the mixture simmer until the water is reduced to about 1 liter. Drink one cup of this concoction every day. I used to have it every morning after breakfast.

3. Wear Tummy Girdle

In Indonesia, women would use tummy support called “Gurita Ibu” after childbirth. It’s basically a tummy girdle with ribbons like strings. And just like a tummy girdle, this Gurita Ibu gives support over your abdominal and stomach.

The idea is to give support to your uterus while it heals after the hard work of pregnancy and childbirth.

I personally find it good to support the stitches area. Especially when I walk. I used to make sure I wore this girdle when I moved about, and I would take it off before I lay down or sleep.

But when I had my second baby, I used to use the normal tummy girdle. And I found that tummy girdle was easier and more practical to wear with the same benefits.

4. Do Pelvic Floor Exercise

This simple exercise is similar to Kegel exercises. It’s a muscle holding and tightening around your pelvic floor as if you’re holding your pee.

The hospital midwife advised me to do this exercise from day 1 after childbirth. Apparently, this simple and easy-to-do exercise is very good for the muscles around your bladder, pelvic floor, vagina and back passage.

Also, this exercise can prevent incontinence and treat prolapse that can happen after birth.

5. Eating Healthy Food

I can’t stress enough about the importance of a healthy diet after C-section. As you need the right food to give you the energy to recover and keep you on the right track of recovery. You also want the right food that keeps you away from the constipation problem and prevents any other illnesses.

Because, when you have the stitches on your tummy, the last thing you want is the need to cough or to put any strain on the tummy area.

6. Enough Rest

The cesarean section takes time to heal. And in the first few months, you’ll constantly lack sleep due to feeding your baby in the night.

Therefore, if you want a quick c-section recovery, you’ll have to give your body a good rest as much as you can. And try to rest during the day whenever your baby has day naps.

Top tips for a speedy C-section recovery

7. Don’t Lift Heavy Weight

Because of the cut and stitches that you’re left with, you’ll have to be extra careful with how much weight you carry.

So you have to make sure that you don’t do any strenuous job either. Basically, you have to go easy on yourself so that you don’t do any work which requires a lot of physical effort just yet.

8. Go For A Gentle Walk

Within the first three weeks after birth, I tried to stay home and avoid going out of the house. Because I wanted to make sure I rested well so that the stitches will heal better.

But then after three weeks, I started to go out for a gentle walk with my baby in the pram. I think this gentle exercise has helped my muscles to gain their strength back.

Initially, I went for half an hour to walk around the neighborhood. As I built my strength, I then walked longer and further.

Final thoughts on things you can do to speed up C-section recovery

Cesarean section is a major surgery that takes time, patience and care for its recovery. Having experienced two C-sections myself, I’ve found that self-care and discipline are important for quick recovery.

Besides the medication and all suggestions from the doctors, midwives, and nurses, I think the things below have helped me through the recovery process. Hopefully, they can be a good takeaway for you.

  • Have clear chicken soup every day
  • Drink Turmeric and Tamarind mixed drinks
  • Wear tummy girdle
  • Do pelvic floor exercise
  • Enough rest
  • Eat healthily
  • Avoid heavy lifting
  • Gentle walk

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Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor nor am I a health practitioner. The above content is solely based on self-experience and must not be used as medical advice. You must consult with a medical doctor/ health practitioner regarding your C-section recovery.

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