The most essentials for your baby in the first 3 months

Baby booties are one of your baby essentials in the first 3 months

The most essentials for your baby in the first 3 months are love and care. BUT, we have to materialize them into things that can help our babies grow and have a good life-start. With so many different and newly invented baby products out there, it’s so easy for us to get confused about what to buy. I did.

After having two babies myself, I’ve learned that some baby stuff did help and some others are just a waste of money. 

And if you’re like me, being a first-time mom far away from home due to relocation before your childbirth, you’d be more sensible in choosing things for your newborn baby.

What does a first-time mother need for her baby?

Overall, there are only three things your newborn baby needs in her first three months:

1. Sleeping

You would want to think and consider how you’re going to put your baby to sleep. Discuss with your partner about this sleeping arrangement. Are you going to have your baby sleep in her own cot? Or perhaps you prefer to co-sleeping with your baby.

I have two boys. When they were babies, we used to put them to sleep in a Moses basket that we put next to our main-bed. When they were about three months old, I put them to sleep in their own cot in their nursery room. 

2. Clothing

Obviously 😊. But when it comes to clothing for a newborn baby, I’d say keep it simple. Don’t make the same mistake as I did when I had my first baby. 

I bought quite a few fancy newborn outfits that ended up giving me a hassle. They’re not practical. 

You know why? Because the first three months of your baby’s life will be just about feeding, changing diapers/ nappies, and sleeping. All three go round and round. Like literally every couple of hours.

So, a simple and practical baby sleepsuit is the best choice. 

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The most essential things for your baby in the first 3 months
Your ultimate newborn checklist of everything you’ll need for your baby in her first 3 months

3. Feeding

When you reach the last trimester of your pregnancy, you should start getting to know both feeding options for your baby: breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. Discuss it with your partner as well. So that both of you will be well-prepared of what to expect.

I was determined to breastfeed my first baby for at least two years. Unfortunately, I didn’t know much about breastfeeding tips and didn’t know many people who could support me in doing this. So, when I struggled after 3-4 months, especially during the night, my husband advised me to just bottle feed our baby.

When should you start buying baby things?

Ideally, you start buying the baby stuff when you’re over the 6th month of your pregnancy. Because you want to make sure you passed all the most worrying scan procedures. And you want to make sure that everything is ok with your baby.

However, you can start browsing and looking for things you may want to get for you and your baby anytime during your pregnancy. To make sure you’ll get what you really need and what you will actually use. Because there are lots of gimmicks out there. Things that aren’t necessary at all or things that don’t really make much difference — whether you use them or not. 

The most essentials for your baby in the first 3 months

I found this newborn baby shopping list below is the true must-have baby essentials in the first 3 months of your baby’s life. As a mom who is far from home — family and friends — I really appreciate the benefits of each item. Because I did find them as the life-saver from the challenges of being a new mom. You can see why I valued them as I included my reasons.

1. Baby cot

Although I put my baby to sleep in the Moses basket until he was about 3 months old, I used to put him in the baby cot for daytime naps almost every day. Particularly, when I had to clean and tidy up the bedrooms. It was easier and better to put the baby in his cot, in his nursery room. This way, I tried to ensure he didn’t breathe in the dust from the vacuum cleaner.

a mother's love is one of the most essential things for her baby

2. Moses basket

The Moses basket was a great help for me. Not only did we use it for our baby to sleep during the night, but we used it a lot during the day when the baby was awake. 

The basket helped me to get on with things like cooking or tidying up the house without having to leave my baby out of my sight, as I could place the basket nearby.

3. Travel cot/ pack and play

This travel cot or you may call it a pack and play, is another big help for me. It offered many benefits that it got used as much as the baby cot, if not more. 

If you don’t want to spend too much money, and you have to decide between a Moses basket or a pack and play/ travel cot, I would personally suggest the latter one. Simply because not only does it have many more uses, it also gets used longer than the basket. So it has more value. In my opinion.

4. Baby monitor

A baby monitor is definitely essential for you to have. Knowing that you can hear and see your baby sleeping can be a reassurance for you. So that you can get on with other things. I used to take it everywhere we went. Even when we were holidaying abroad. It’s such a bliss to be able to monitor your baby.

5. Baby bath

This one is a must-have baby item that I don’t really have to comment on, I guess. But in my opinion, a simple baby bath will do. No need to buy a fancy one. Although there is nothing wrong with that. 

We only used the baby bath until our baby could sit up straight. And then we used a baby bath seat in our bathtub. So roughly, we only used the baby bath for about 4-5 months.

6. Changing bag and changing mat

I personally used a changing bag that comes with a changing mat. I used the mat everywhere, both at home and outside. And I used to take the bag with me wherever I went out and about. 

7. Baby pushchair/ baby pram/ baby travel systems

I used to go for a walk with my baby on his pram almost every day. Especially when I was having baby-blues. But generally, I love walking exercise anyway. So the baby pushchair was one of the most essential things for me and the baby. 

For both my babies, we bought a baby travel-systems that came with a car seat — that can be used as the baby pram — and a pushchair. We found this travel-systems very economical but it served all our needs. 

There are many styles you can choose from, make sure you buy the type of pushchair that suits your needs and budget. 

Your newborn baby checklist for her first 3 months

8. Car seat

Needless to say, a car seat is a must-have for travelling in a car with your baby. For your own baby’s safety really. 

9. Baby bouncer chair

How I love this baby bouncer chair. It’s such a great item to use when you want to play with your baby, or if you need to cook and your baby is in a playful mood. I sometimes put my baby in the bouncer when I had to do housework, or even when I go to the toilet or bathroom. I know the latter one is gross. But if you’re home alone with your baby (which happened to me almost every day anyway), you have to take your awake baby with you, rather than leaving her alone completely out of sight. 

10. Baby bottles + baby formula

Now, you may not need this one if you breastfeed your baby. In my case, I bottle-fed my first baby and breastfed my second baby. So, I put baby bottles here as I had the experience of using them. 

11. Babygrows/  sleepsuits

As I mentioned above, babygrows/ sleepsuits are the best clothing choice for your newborn outfits in her first 3 months. They’re simple, practical, comfortable, and easy to put on your baby too.

If you ask me how many sleepsuits you need for your baby’s first 3 months? I’d say you’ll only need about 18 pieces of babygrows, max. Assuming you do your laundry every other day, or twice a week. But if you do your laundry every day, 12 pieces of babygrows will be more than enough. Because you only need to change your baby around 2-3 times within 24 hours. 

12. Baby vests/ baby bodysuits

These items are clearly a must-haves during cool and cold days. Because I didn’t put them on my baby in hot Summer days sometimes.

13. Blankets

There are so many choices for baby blankets. I prefer the ones with allergen-free material such as cotton. 

14. Diapers/ nappies

You can choose either disposable nappies or reusable nappies. Both have their own benefits. I won’t judge. It’s up to you to choose 😊.

15. Nappy bags

If you choose to use disposable nappies, then you must have nappy bags wherever you go.

16. Cotton wools

Cotton wools can become handy for cleaning your baby. Instead of using baby wipes, I use cotton wool to clean your baby bum whenever he soiled his nappy at home. 

17. Plastic bowl

So, when I changed my baby’s nappy, I used to put clean tap water in a small plastic bowl. If my baby pooed, I’d wipe his bum with dry soft-tissues, then clean more with a few cotton-wools that I wet with the water in the bowl. After that, I pat-dried my baby with a clean hand towel. I found it better to clean my baby. And cheaper 😉. 

18. Soft tissues

You’d always need tissues anyway, wouldn’t you? And when you have a baby, it becomes an item that you’d always have to have.

19. Baby wipes

At home, I always cleaned my baby with water using a few cotton-wools. But when I was out and about with my baby, keeping baby wipes in the baby changing bag is necessary.

20. Towel and hand towel

This one is basic, isn’t it? No explanation needed 😄.

21. Pacifier/ dummy

I’m not sure if this is related, but my first baby was bottle-fed and he used to use a pacifier/ dummy. But my second baby hated it. Maybe because he was breastfed. However, my niece’s baby was breastfed and he used a pacifier/ dummy. So I guess it’s an individual preference of a baby 😆.

I did find a pacifier helped my first baby to soothe himself to sleep and to cope with his teething. 

22. Teething toys

Your baby will start teething when she’s as young as 2 months old. It’s when the teeth start forming inside the gum that it causes itchy and painful gums at times. So, prepare yourself with good quality teething toys. And don’t be surprised that you may have to try to get a few different teething toys before your baby decides which one she likes best.

23. Baby mobile/ cot mobile

A cute baby mobile in bright and bold colors is better, I think. Because it can help your baby recognize shapes better. 

24. Baby pram toys/ baby pushchair toys

A few baby soft toys that can stick/ clip on the pushchair are good enough to entertain your baby when you’re out and about.

25. Baby playmats/ baby gym mats

Both my sons used to love playing on their baby gym mat when they were little. For us, this playmat was such a bargain. Because not only can you use the mat with all the toys propped up as your baby’s playing area, you can also take the toys off for your baby to play with when your baby put somewhere else such as a pram or a bouncer. 

A final thought on what are the most essential things for your newborn baby

When you have your first baby, you’d be tempted to buy all sorts of things for your baby. But really, I’d say just go easy on the shopping. Because as your baby gets older, you’ll need more things for her. And more money to spend. 

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  1. Baby cot
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  3. Travel cot/ pack and play
  4. Baby monitor
  5. Baby bath
  6. Changing mat
  7. Baby pushchair/ baby pram/ baby travel-systems
  8. Baby car seat
  9. Baby bouncer
  10. Baby bottles + baby formula (if you bottle-feed your baby)
  11. Babygrows/ baby sleepsuits
  12. Baby vests/ baby bodysuits
  13. Blankets
  14. Diapers/ nappies
  15. Nappy bags/ diaper bags
  16. Cotton wools
  17. Plastic bowl
  18. Soft tissues
  19. Baby wipes
  20. Towel and hand towel
  21. Pacifier/ dummy
  22. Teething toys
  23. Baby mobile/ cot mobile
  24. Baby pram toys/ baby pushchair toys
  25. Baby playmats/ baby gym mats

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Thank you and all the best for you and your baby.

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