Essential pregnancy items for first-time moms far from home

Essential pregnancy items for first-time moms far from home

Maternity kit can ease your pregnancy journey. Find out what are the must-have items you actually use throughout your pregnancy so that you can avoid wasting your money.

Pregnancy items for first-time moms that you actually need and use

As we know that the first pregnancy is a once-in-a-life-time experience because everything is new to you. You’re excited about having your first baby, and you’ll be tempted to get yourself ready for your pregnancy journey.

You’ll learn everything you can about pregnancy and you’ll want to get all kits available out there with the hope they can make your journey easy.

But what are the things that you actually need and use?

Because I notice that nowadays there are so many products out there that claim to make your first pregnancy easy

As a first time mom-to-be, you’ll be tempted to get many things. But if you’re like me who doesn’t have the luxury of splashing your money away and prefers to save for your baby instead, you’ll be more selective in buying your necessities.

Besides, you don’t want to pay for things that you’ll only use for a few months and then they’ll be the residence of your attic, do you? Well, I don’t 😄.

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What should you buy for maternity?

Having experienced two pregnancies myself, I’m sharing with you the things you ACTUALLY USE and NEED during your pregnancy. Plus, a few things I wish I had used.

Below is the list of those things.

1. Supplements and Vitamins

I can’t stress enough about the importance of taking supplements and vitamins for pregnancy. Because I’m a big fan of supplements and Vitamins outside the pregnancy journey anyway.

My reason is, even if we eat good food every day, it’s not guaranteed that it has all the nutrients we need. So yeah, talk to your doctor/GP if you need to know which supplements/vitamins you should take.

2. Anti Stretch Mark Cream

I’m sure you all know about how important this cream is. By now, you might’ve heard recommendations of all sorts of creams, lotion, or oil that probably confused you which one to choose.

Something like anti-stretch mark and wrinkles cream, or even cocoa butter will be more than enough. At the end of the day, I think it’s the consistency in applying the product that can give you good results.

To be honest, I used to apply the cream many times in a day. I just like to make sure my skin is always moisturized and hydrated.

3. Maternity Leggings

As for maternity clothes, I used to love maternity leggings/ tights. These are just normal leggings with an extra bit of soft elastic band around your tummy. I found the maternity leggings/tights were very practical as you can wear anything on top. They were must-have items of my maternity wear.

Because they give a bit of support in holding your bump. So they take a bit of weight pressure as your bump gets heavier.

Essential pregnancy items for first time mom far from home
Pregnancy items that every first-time mom must have

4. Maternity Belt

Actually, I did not use the maternity belt during my pregnancies. Because it was not invented yet at that time 😆. Or maybe I simply didn’t know? 😊

But really, if I knew or if it existed, I would’ve used this belt. Because I always had big heavy bumps in my pregnancies. And this belt should take a lot of weight pressure of your bump so that your back won’t have to do the heavy lift all the time.

One of my nieces used this belt. She said it was one of the best maternity buys as it really helped her. She felt a difference on her back when she wore this belt compared to when she didn’t.

5. Maternity pants/ trousers

They’re basically a pair of pants/ trousers with soft stretchy material around the tummy. This over-the-bump bit will give you comfort in moving and walking as it holds your baby bump for you.

Make sure you buy the same size of pants/ trousers as you normally would before your pregnancy. Because I was trying to be clever when I bought my first pair of maternity pants by getting them in one bigger size. They turned out too big!

To be on the safe side, I suggest you measure your hip around under the bump to get a more accurate size.

6. A-line Shirts/Blouses/ Dresses

I found that wearing A-line shirts/ blouses/ dresses (aka baby dolls shirt/dress) was the best option during pregnancy. Because they’ll stay wearable literally throughout the pregnancy. And even when the baby arrived. The style is so classic yet so comfortable depending on the material.

7. Bigger Size Bras

Make sure you measure yourself properly. As much as you need to keep changing the size as you grow bigger, for the last trimester you might want to get proper maternity bras instead. Because your size in the last trimester is pretty much the size you’ll be at the end of your pregnancy. So may as well you get good quality maternity bras that can last longer when the baby arrives.

8. Good Quality Maternity Bras

Please don’t make the same mistake that I made. I bought my first few maternity bras solely based on the price. It turned out they’re the worst ones. Luckily I only got a few of them. So I switched to quality based choices.

If you plan to nurse your baby for at least one year (two years is recommended), you may as well invest in getting good quality maternity bras.

9. Comfy Shoes and Sandals

Obviously, you can wear your lovely stilettos during your pregnancy, if you want to. But you’ll want comfy shoes or sandals ready, especially for summertime pregnancy. They’ll be your favorite footwear items when your bump gets bigger ☺.

10. Footstool (or Maternity/Nursing Chair and Stool)

Yes. A simple kitchen footstool will do. The idea is to lift your feet up whenever you sit down. And as your bump gets bigger, you’ll want to rest your feet up even more.

But if you want to treat yourself, I would recommend a comfy chair and footstool set which you can use again to nurse your baby.

11. Foot cream/lotion

As soon as I reached the final trimester, my feet got tired and ached easily. And on hot sunny days, they used to get swollen which make it more uncomfortable. So, I used to soak my feet in warm water mixed with a little bit of Epsom salt, and then massage them with foot cream/lotion. I found it soothing and reduce the discomfort of the ache.

If you think you’ll do regular self-care, you’d probably want to invest in buying a foot spa. So that you can do DIY self-care whenever you need it.

12. Big Fluffy Pillows or Maternity Pillow

You’ll find it challenging to sleep towards the end of your pregnancy due to your big tummy. So, you may want to lie down on your side as you put one pillow underneath your tummy and another one in between your legs.

This trick worked fine for me. But, if you want to splurge a bit of money for exactly this same reason and purpose, you can get a specialty pregnancy/maternity pillow.

One of my nieces (who also used the maternity belt 😃) swears by this U-shape pillow. She reckons this pillow helped her a lot to sleep during her last trimester. And I also see her using it as a support when she put her baby down on the pillow.

13. Aromatherapy essential oils

I always love aromatherapy and I use it a lot for our house fragrance. But when I was pregnant, I used the oils even more. Because I found the essential oils helped me to relax and chill. Especially when my bump got bigger and I found it difficult to rest. So using aromatherapy was my way-to-go self-care. I used to use an old-fashioned-style oil burner. But now you can get more practical oil diffuser.

Conclusion on pregnancy items for first-time moms that you actually need and use

As tempting as it is to get all sorts of things to make your first pregnancy easy, at the end of the day you should be more sensible to choose what you actually need and use.

Of course, you’re allowed to buy anything you want. Especially if you can afford them anyway.

But if you’re like me, having a modest lifestyle and prefer to save the money for your baby, then you’ll have to decide wisely.

From my experience of two pregnancies, the following are the only pregnancy items that I used as a first-time mom

  1. Vitamins and supplements
  2. Anti-stretch marks cream/butter/lotion
  3. Maternity pants/ trousers
  4. Maternity leggings/ yoga pants
  5. A-line tops/ blouses / dresses
  6. Bigger size bras and good quality maternity bras
  7. Comfy shoes/ sandals
  8. Footstool
  9. Foot cream/ lotion
  10. Big fluffy pillows/ maternity pillow
  11. Aromatherapy essential oils

Plus, a few recommended things which I wish I had:

  1. Maternity belt
  2. Maternity/nursing chair and footstool
  3. Foot Spa and Bath

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  1. Jayne Salisbury-Jones

    I had several different Maternity belts through out my pregnancy. Mostly because I had a hernia but also to support my back and hips. A must have I think. It was brilliant and really helped x

    1. Devy

      Thank you. I didn’t know about this belt until few years ago. Long after I had my little one. So I don’t have personal experience but my niece is happy with it and recommends it. Thank you for confirming it. 👍

  2. Patty

    Leggings! Yes! I love leggings! The best part about leggings is that I used them when I was pregnant and also daily when I am not pregnant!

    1. Devy

      Yes. That’s why we love them. Coz we can still use leggings even after the baby arrived.

  3. Adriane Thompson

    This list is EXACTLY what you need because you are so right, there are so many things out there showing that we need a whole lot more. I can’t tell you how many things we got that we never used. I especially benefitted from the pregnancy belt. My belly was way to heavy for my tiny frame and it relieved so much pressure. Thank you for this GREAT list!

    1. Devy

      Thank you. Sometimes the simpler the better. Too much of anything may not be useful. I’m glad that you found the maternity belt helped you.

  4. Stephanie

    I loved my maternity pillow! We joked that it was my “nest”!

    1. Devy

      Lol. So you really made the most of it then 😃.

  5. Aubri

    I used a lot of these except the belt. I will say that antacids were my best friend and wouldn’t walk around without compression socks and slippers! Good list!

    1. Devy

      Thank you. Everybody has their own particular needs that some things work wonder for them. Thank you for sharing yours.

  6. I’ve not heard of a maternity belt in all the three pregnancies I went through. What a useful thing that is. Wish I had it then.

    1. Devy

      Me neither. I thought the same. I would’ve used the belt if I’d known about it.

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