Journaling for new mums: why and how you should do it

writing a journal for new mums

Journaling for new mums is very beneficial. Because writing down your thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a journal can help you through the new mum’s challenges. Just like it has helped me through baby-blues when I became a new mum many years ago. 

So let’s see why, what, and how you should do journaling when you’re a new mum. 

The benefits of journaling for new mums

1. A chance to explore and understand your feelings and emotions.

As a new mum, you’ll experience challenges that can make you feel isolated and a little bit lonely. And you’ll physically feel tired as well. 

So you can be more emotional than you used to be before the baby.

Instead of keeping your emotions bottled-up, it’s better to write them down in a journal. This way you can understand your feelings better. 

2. Understand and organize your thoughts.

When we understand our emotions, we can understand our thoughts in a better way too. Because it’s not muddled up with some emotional spike.

Journaling can help us identify our emotions and thoughts that in the end we can understand them and organize them better. 

For example, we’ll be able to make a better judge whether or not one particular thought should come across in our mind.

As a new mom, our hormonal changes can really mess up our head and heart. So journaling should help stop thinking and feeling negative.

Journal writing for new mums

3. An outlet for your thoughts and feelings.

I suppose all of us do a self-talk every now and then, right? But when you do self-talk in the head only, sometimes it can make us just moody. 

When you write them down, somehow you’ll feel lightened as if a big chunk of weight was taken off your chest. 

So journaling can be a very good outlet for our thoughts and feelings.

4. Ability to see things into perspective.

You know when you’ve been brewing this thought in your head that it gives you a headache. Well, at least it happens to me sometimes. Journaling can stop this from happening.

As mentioned earlier, journaling is an outlet for our thoughts and feelings, it also helps us to put things into perspective.

Because, when we wrote down whatever we had in mind, we can always read and reflect after that. And when we do that sometimes we can come to a different understanding as we see things clearer. 

5. Improve your observation skills.

Just like any writing, you will give more thoughts about what you want to write, won’t you? You may blurt everything out in your writing. But, surely you’ll choose your words more carefully compared to when you?re just thinking it in your mind.

This alone gives you time to observe the subject. And when you read and reflect on your writing, you’ll go through more observation on the subject. So you’ll be good at observing things.

6. Increase your gratitude.

I often find when I write something that I complain at the beginning, I end up feeling a bit ashamed of myself for complaining. Because when I reread my journal, I would actually feel grateful. 

7. Help deal with stress.

When things are overwhelming and pushing you down, journaling can help release the emotional weight. 

Writing down your problems can help in identifying the possibilities of how you rectify them.

Obviously, journaling won’t help solve your problems, but it definitely helps us see the situation in a clearer and fairer judgment. So instead of dwelling on low emotions, our mind will work on trying to see the positive perspective and hopefully the solution that needs to be done.

8. Improve your social connections.

As strange as it may seem, but through journaling, you can also understand people around you better as well. In the end, it helps you improve how you relate and connect with them. 

9. Sharpen your memory.

This one is my favourite. Just like reading, writing helps our brain exercise. This can help our brain retain memory.

So if you love looking after your brain, start writing your journal.

10. Help achieve your goals.

When you start a journal, you lay out your goals so that you understand the what, the how, and the why of your goals. You can also identify the challenges and problems that may get in the way. 

Your journaling can help develop the steps to reach those goals as well as accountability. 

Types of journaling that new mums can do

1. Pregnancy journal.

This is something I would really recommend for you if you’re on a journey of becoming a mum. 

Perhaps you can do a weekly journal of your pregnancy in which you collate every little progress of you and your baby in your tummy. 

This journal will help you even better if you get a lot of pregnancy sickness. Because it can help you monitor your diet and your lifestyle that might affect your pregnancy.

2. Mom and baby journal.

You know time flies by very quickly. Although as a new mum you may find life is hard that you feel exhausted all the time, all will end very soon. The next thing you know you’ll be sending your baby to school.

Mom and baby journal can be there for you to remind you and your baby of her/his first years of life. 

Write everything about you and your baby, and collect little things about your baby as keepsakes. I did that. And now my babies are older, they love listening and looking at their baby’s stuff. Cute.

3. Spiritual and prayer journal.

Many of us are engrossed in looking after our physical health and wellbeing but forget that there’s something more than that. Our spiritual well being!

So start paying attention to your soul and listen to what it needs. Mindful prayer and meditation are what you need. 

And journaling the prayers and what your soul tells you can help you get the peace within you. It also affirms your wishes to God that somehow you’ll feel God’s power in sending the universe to you. Amen.

4. Food journal.

I always do this one for sure. Because I was terrible at cooking when I just got married. So journaling the recipes and the menu ideas become something that I love doing. 

Besides, food is one of our essentials in life, isn’t it? So why don’t you write a food journal about recipes that you like, the nutrition facts of them, and you can even include how you find the food for your liking? 

5. Hobby journal.

Having a hobby is important because it can help us cope with stress, and when you write a hobby journal, you can cope with your stress even better. Because it helps you structure your time better as well as excite you. 

6. Bullet journal.

In essence, bullet journaling is pinpointing your writing in a bold and easy-to-glance manner. It’s perfect for when you have a long to-do-list, or if you like sketching and love goal tracking.

You can use symbols, colours, and lines in your bullet journal. You can even do some drawings to make it more interesting and easy to understand.

Writing a vision journal for new mums

7. Goal and vision journal.

Just like the name, goal and vision journal is a journal that helps keep you on track of reaching your vision.

You can do this goal and vision journal by writing one goal on every page. You can write words, draw pictures, or anything that can help you map out your path to your goal. Then when you achieve your vision, you can go back to your journal and put the date of your achievement.

8. Gratitude journal.

A gratitude journal is simply a journal where every day you write what you’re feeling thankful and grateful for. This journal is beneficial to help you think more positively whatever your circumstances might be. Because no matter how hard and challenging our lives can be, there’s surely something for us to be grateful for.

Just look around, there are so many things that we can be grateful for. We can start with things like clean water, clean air to breathe in, etc. 

9. Project journal.

You can create a project journal for working on your baby nursery. This will be handy to record your plan, research, actions, and results so it will keep you on track, improve the project, and also help you look back with excitement.

10. A line in one day journal.

It’s like what it’s called. You write one line every day in your journal. This short type of journaling is perfect for a busy mom who doesn’t want to miss and forget important moments in her daily life.

I normally write either my highs or my lows of the day. 

 11. Travel journal.

A travel journal for a new mum is a wonderful way to remember your trips with your little ones. It’s fun to do and to look back. 

You can write everything about your trip, your thoughts about it, and you can also include mementoes, pictures, and tickets.

How to start journaling when you’re a new mum

1. Choose the right type of journal that you want to do.

To make journaling easy and fun, you should choose the type of journal that you like. Something that you feel suits you best. Don’t fret and make it such a big deal. Make it simple. 

The idea is for you to be able to do it consistently. So choose something that you can enjoy and easy to do.

Top tip: ask yourself why you want to journal. Because when you know why you want to write a journal, you’ll find it easier to choose the type of journal you want to write. 

It can make your journaling more effective as well. Although sometimes you may just want to document your daily life, and the next time you want to go through something detailed and difficult. It all depends on your goals and reason for your journal.

2. Prepare the right medium you find comfortable with.

Decide whether you want to use just a pen and paper to write your journal. Again, make it simple and easy for you to do so that you can do it daily.

3. Pick the right timing to write your journal.

When you’re a new mum, time becomes a luxury. Because most of the time you’ll be busy with either your little one, the house, or your partner/ spouse. 

So it may be a challenge for you to choose a certain timing to write your journal and stick with it.

I’d say you can do it whenever you find it possible. Feeding time used to be the right timing for me to write my journal. I used to find it easier and I felt like I’ve achieved so much by multi-tasking this way.

4. Experiment, try to multitask journaling with doing something else that you enjoy.

Breastfeeding your baby, minding your baby while she/ he is playing with the toys, listening to music while you’re enjoying a piece of cake as a part of your self-care are some of the things you can do at the same time you write your journal. Just experiment and enjoy your journaling.

5. Create a comfortable space for you to write. 

This is a must. So that you can write comfortably and not awkwardly that you feel an ache on your arm or wrist. 

6. Try to create a relaxing ambience.

Would you agree with me if I say that when you feel relaxed and calm your brain seems to be working better? I find it so. 

When I’m tensed and tired, I may be able to write, but the words don’t flow out easily. For me, I like listening to my music at the same time. Somehow the melody of my favourite songs/music can inspire my thoughts better.

Journaling for new mums: why and how you should do it

Top tips to make journaling a new habit

1. Consistency over perfection.

This is definitely a goal we want to achieve. Consistency over perfection. Because when we aim for perfection, chances are we procrastinate which leads to achieving nothing.

So, when things are a bit hectic, you may want to forget about relaxing ambience and all that. You just want to make sure you write your journal.

Some days you may be able to write so much, other days you may only be able to write two lines. That’s ok. The idea is you do it e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y.

2. Do what you feel like doing.

You write the journal for yourself. So forget about the dos and don?ts of journaling. Set yourself free to see and do what you want.

Really, I mix and match my journal with so many types in it. Like, some days I write about my hobby, some other days I write about my vision, prayer, or even gratitude.  

3. Be creative.

To make your journaling enjoyable, you can be as creative as you can in writing it. Don’t just write hundreds of plain words. Do some drawing. Or put some photos or stickers if you want. Do it fun. 

4. Read and reflect.

I love reading my written journal. It’s always fun to go back and read what happened on the same day last year and find out what’s different now and then. 

It often amazes me how I thought and viewed something when it doesn’t matter anymore. 

And reading my own journal makes me reflect on things that matter so that I can improve myself. 

5. Keep it private.

As an introvert, I highly value privacy anyway. So I like keeping my journal in private.

If you’re like me, you don’t want anybody getting into your private matters when you’re not around, so keep it hidden. If it’s on your computer, set a password on it.

Conclusion on journaling for new mums

Journaling for new mums can help you cope with the new life changes as a mum. 

Keeping a journal will help you deal with the things that happen to you as well as the things that have not happened to you. 

The main reason is that writing it down helps you remember what you did right and what you did wrong. It helps you improve your decision-making capacity for similar situations.

So get started journaling in any way that works for you.

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