Journal prompts for new mums far from home

A cup of coffee, a few greeting cards, a few dry flowers, a journal and a pencil.

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Journaling can help new mums release whatever hanging in the minds. It’s an outlet to clear your heads and relieve yourself from bottle-necked emotions and stress. 

And when you’re a new mum far from home, journaling can help you overcome your loneliness and even your homesickness. As a mum, you’ll have a lot to deal with, and when you do it without support from your family and friends, the journey will feel a bit lonely.

So get your pen and paper, or a dedicated lovely journal, and start writing down everything that filled your mind. 

You can start with some prompts below.

Journal prompts ideas for new mums

1. Your baby’s milestones.

2. Things you love the most about your baby.

3. The list of baby stuff you want to get for your baby.

4. Things that make you feel happy to be a mom.

5. What kind of mom you want to be for your baby.

Some tulips and an open diary with writing 'journal prompts for new mums far from hom'

6. Things you need to do so that you can be the best mom for your baby.

7. Play activities you want to do with your baby.

8. The things that you love about your spouse/ partner.

9. New mum?s challenges that you find very hard.

10. Things you’ve learned about motherhood.

11. Things you wish you learned before you become a mom.

12. List down your personality traits.

13. Things you’ve learned about yourself since you became a mom that you didn’t realize before.

14. Now that you’re a mom, list down the things you want to improve about yourself.

15. Your feeling towards your own mom that now you’re a mom.

16. Date plans you want to do with your spouse/ partner.

17. The food you want to learn to cook.

18. Parenting books you want to read.

19. Things that make you feel grateful for being a mom.

20. The changes you feel about yourself since you become a mom.

21. Things that make you sad and you want to get rid.

22. Problems that you’ve dealt with.

23. Proud achievements you’ve done so far.

24. Failures that you’ve had in the past.

25. Lessons you can take from your failures.

26. Quotes on motherhood.

27. Quotes on parenting.

28. Quotes on the relationship.

29. How you feel about your spouse/ partner now that both of you are parents.

30. Things you wish your spouse/ partner will do for you.

31. Your favourite self-love quotes.

32. Things you’re missing about your mom.

33. Things you wish you did for your mom. 

34. Fun things you used to do with your siblings back at home.

35. Activities you want to do when you see your family back at home.

36. Things you’re grateful for about your siblings.

37. Things that used to do with your old friends.

38. Places you want to go when you visit your family.

39. Your worries over your baby.

40. Your hopes and wishes for your baby.

41. New skills that you want to train.

An infographic of journal prompts for new mums far from home

42. The knowledge that you want to learn.

43. Your sweet childhood memories.

44. What kind of childhood you want your baby to have.

45. Your favourite old friends.

46. Fun memories of your family.

47. Things that you hope people stop doing to you.

48. Your views and feelings about the new people you get to know.

49. People that you love.

50. People that have a significant impact on your life.

51. Your future dreams.

52. Outdoor activities with your little one in the summer.

53. Indoor activities with your baby in the winter.

54. Positive affirmations about being a mom despite the challenges.

55. Self-care ideas you want to do.

56. Things you like about your new place.

57. Things you want to do around your new place.

58. Business ideas you want to explore.

59. A healthier diet plan you want to achieve.

60. The food you need to avoid.

61. The food you need to eat more.

62. Exercises you want to do.

63. Things you wish you did before you had your baby.

64. Your dream job.

65. Your dream house.

66. Your dream car.

67. Your dream vacation.

68. Your five-year goals.

69. Challenges and obstacles you’re having to achieve your goals.

70. Charities that you want to help and support.

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