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fun kids activities in the winter

Winter holiday activities can be costly and expensive. Because of the cold and unpredictable weather conditions, the best activity options are indoor activities. Sadly, most of fun stuff are paid indoor activities.

There are many places where you can take the kids to do some fun indoor activities. For example: trampolining, indoor play, indoor swimming pool, indoor water parks, bowling, indoor ski, cinema, etc. But you can’t really take the kids to too many of those activities, can you?

Because you have to pay to go to those places. If you go to one or two places, it may be ok. But you may not want to go to all of them in one school holiday time. Because the price will all add up that they can become very expensive.

Therefore, ever since my kids started school I try to do our own activities with them at home or doing something outdoor in winter holiday. And try to stay away from paid activities as much as possible ?.

Besides, by doing things together with the kids, I actually build quality time as well as bond with them too. And I can see that they appreciate our being involved with them more than the place they go to.

They’re not bothered about where we take them. For them, as long as their mom and dad play with them, they’re happy.

Because I think children are actually easy to please and very quick to learn. If we introduce them to simple stuff, they will be able to appreciate it and have fun with it. So, in order to instill “simplicity can be fun” way of thinking in my kids’ mind, I do the following activities in the winter holiday with them.

Winter Holiday Activities

1. Going for a walk

When the weather gets cold, we naturally want to be in a warm place and just snuggle in our blankets. But, that’s exactly the reason why you have to make yourself and your kids to go out for a walk.

Because you don’t want to be the grizzly bear in winter. You don’t need to hibernate. In fact, you should be more active in winter. Otherwise, you’ll feel cold all the time. Besides, I think the fresh cold air is good for your skin and health too ?.

In winter holiday, I would take the kids for a walk even more often than other holiday. Normally, we go for a walk to neighbor villages for about 1 – 1.5 hours. Sometimes we go for a walk at national parks, around the lakes, beaches. Everywhere. All we need is proper gear i.e. winter coats, walking boots, scarves and gloves.

I started taking my sons for a walk since they were 4-5 year old. In an hour, the little feet can walk about few miles in total. And as they get older, they can walk longer distance within one hour.

Although they often complain, try to refuse to go and ask why they have to do it, once they’re out, they actually enjoy the walk.

fun and free activities with your kids in the winter holiday

2. Baking a cake or cookies

We used to do this activity quite a lot when the kids were younger. Now, I have to see their mood first. As they’re not as keen anymore.

But I notice that they still like to make or bake when we try a recipe of something they like to make. So now, I always let them think and choose the recipe they want to learn to make. Although, most of the time they will choose to bake a chocolate cake or butter cookies.

3. Playing Monopoly game

This board game is our family favorite. Usually, the whole family would play this monopoly game, and we would make up our own rules. As we end up helping each other instead of trying to win the game.

4. Crafts making

This one is my favourite activity? .

Initially, we always used the craft making set from the shop. But as the boys get older, we try to use our imagination and just use things we can get around the house.

We cut and paste papers to make mozaic picture. Once, we made hand puppets out of old socks, a shark and a duck out of paper mache, skittles out of empty plastic bottles, and lots of paper origami. We also made our own party decorations.

5. Playing Scrabble

This is another favorite game board for us. Playing Scrabble is fun, and it can take quite a bit of time. So it’s a good choice for when we’re stuck inside the house.

6. Lego Building

Both my boys are mad fans of Lego.  The amount of Lego bricks we have in the house is crazy. And annoying.

Many times, my vacuum cleaner sucked in those little bricks as I hoover around. Because you can find the bricks literally all over the house.

But, we love it when the boys are engrossed in building things with those bricks. They can spend all day when they’re on a mission of making something.

7. Home cinema time

Although we go to watch movies at the cinema occasionally, my sons are not huge fans of cinema. Because they don’t like being in the dark? . But, they like watching movies on Netflix at home.

Their favorite movie time is when the whole family sits down together with big bowls of homemade popcorns and choice of classic cartoons such as Monsters Inc., Shark Tale, Rango, Nemo, Ice Age, How To Train The Dragons, etc.

So, this home cinema time has always been family favourite even until now.

8. Playing at local parks

Before my elder one started high school, going to local parks is an activity we used to do most during school holidays. All seasons.

The boys used to love it as they could do all sorts.

They could run around, ride a scooter or a bike, kick a football, play on climbing frames, swings, slides, etc. Now, we only go as a last resort as now they have different views of what being physically active is like.

9. Drawing and painting

I always encourage my kids to draw and paint since they started to learn how to hold a pencil or a brush. Because I myself love to draw and paint ?. So they’re kinda used to with the idea.

And now, they love drawing and painting that they can spend a long time doing this activity at one sitting. Because of this, I always love to give them a drawing and painting kit as a present whenever they need a new one?.

10. Travel on a public transport

This activity is so simple and modest yet my kids love it. We used to go on a bus or a tram to town center or just go to neighboring town.

I think there are lots of things for the kids to learn when they travel on a public transport. Things about how to look after themselves by being careful in getting on and off the vehicle. Or, how to be nice to elder people or to those with disability by giving a seat to them. Also, it teaches the kids about being careful with strangers.

11. Go to museum

This one is always in our holiday itinerary regardless the season ?. Because my two boys have always been into learning about animals and science. So they love going to museums to see and learn about their favorite animals, i.e. dinosaurs, or about how things are made, etc.

As they gets older, they develop interest in history as well. So, they always welcome the idea of going to museum even until now.

12. Playing video game

I would be lying or being unrealistic if I didn’t mention playing video games as one of the holiday activities. In fact, video games has now become a treat for the kids after they do other activities mentioned above.

Because, as millineal kids, they’re into technology and video game too. But my husband and I try to limit their playing time. We also try to get involved in knowing what video games they play.

In some games, we can play together. Although we can only play few games. I’ve never been good at video games anyway. Even since long time ago when I was little.

For me, I can only play simple and easy kiddies game such as Mario Kart in Nintendo Wii, or tennis and bowling in Wii Sports. But don’t ask me to play on Play Station games like Minecraft, Fortnite, Spiderman, World of Tank, Call of Duty, etc. I’ve no clue how to use the console.

13. Go to local library

Since my kids learned how to read, they somehow have more interests in reading non-fiction books. Although we do buy good books every now and then, we simply can’t buy too many books. There’s no space in the house for them ?.

So, I always try to put the library visit in our itinerary during school holiday, especially in our winter holiday.

Sometimes, my husband and I set a challenge for the boys. We would ask the boys to decide what topic they like to know and we’d try to get the book on that topic from the library. Then after they finish reading it, they should write short summary about the book in their own words. At the end, they would get a treat from us. Mostly, they would get extra time on playing video game ?. But sometimes they’d get food takeaway for dinner ?.

14. Snow sledging

No winter holiday is complete without snow sledding. Providing we get proper snow at the time. The last few years have been ok, as we did have a bit of snow just before the school started again. But, there were times when we didn’t get snow at all during the winter holiday.

Nevertheless, snow sledging is the one thing that my kids always look forward to in winter holiday.

Conclusion on fun activities with your kids in the winter

Finding ideas of fun things to do with children in the winter holiday can be challenging. Due to unpredictable weather conditions, parents will tend to choose indoor activities to give their children fun holiday activities. Unfortunately, you have to pay to mostly indoor activities.

However, you can create fun winter holiday activities for your kids if you’re willing to spend time with them and do your own fun stuff with them. Not only your kids will have pleasant holiday activities in winter, also they will always remember how their parents spent time with them. You’ll leave a happy memories in their mind.

So, go on, you can try some activities below for free ?.

  1. Going for a walk
  2. Baking a cake or cookies
  3. Playing monopoly game
  4. Crafts making
  5. Playing Scrabble
  6. Lego building
  7. Home cinema time
  8. Playing at local parks
  9. Drawing and painting
  10. Travelling on public transport
  11. Going to a museum
  12. Playing video games
  13. Going to local library
  14. Snow sledging

All the best.

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    1. Thank you. At times simple thing like public transport entertains children better. And there’s so much you can teach your kids when you go on public transport.

  1. Love these ideas. My kids do get bored more often in winter. We will be doing these activities.

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