To lose weight after C-section

It’s a dream of every mom to lose weight after C-section, isn’t it? But after C-section, we may have restrictions on what and how we can do to lose weight. Especially when it comes to exercise. After all, due to C-section we actually have two major recoveries to think of. Childbirth recovery. And major surgery recovery aka C-section recovery.

So, basically, your body has a lot to deal with and to heal.

Therefore, we must be patient and extra careful in what we do to lose weight. We have to make sure that we recover properly from the C-section. The last thing we want is having a problem with the cut and stitches inside our tummies.

However, we still want to lose the extra weight that we put on during pregnancy, right? The weight that stayed even after your baby was born.

Myself included. Because I put on a lot of weight during my pregnancy. All the way through, I gained about 44 lbs (19.9 kg) in total. No kidding. I was huge as a mama whale towards the end of my pregnancy.

So, obviously I did want to lose weight. And I even thought about a weight loss program when the baby arrived.

What I did to lose my baby weight after C-section

Anyway, when I settled with my new routine of being mom, I realized that I was still huge.

How could I not be big?

My baby was born only at about 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg), and it is said that the weight of the placenta is around 1.5 lbs (0.7 kg) and the amniotic fluid is around 1.8 lbs (0.8kg). So if you do the maths, of all the 44 lbs (19.9 kg) that I gained in pregnancy, I actually lost only 11 lbs (4.99kg) at childbirth. That’s just a quarter of my total pregnancy weight which means I still carried extra 33 lbs (approx. 15 kg) after birth.

No wonder my size only reduced a bit, from mama whale size to walrus mama size. Whooooaaaa

The thing is, before the baby, I never had a weight problem. I was always within the suggested weight range. So naturally, I felt a bit “ugh” every time I saw myself in the mirror. Coz I looked like I was still pregnant.

And the fact that I was having baby blues weeks after birth didn’t help my confidence at all.

So, as I was trying to sort out my baby blues, I thought I should try to “look after” myself as well so that I could shed those pregnancy fats off me.

But I didn’t set a high target to lose weight fast. Because I didn’t want to put more pressure on myself. Not when I was already struggling with postnatal depression.

Instead, I set a goal to get back to my pre-baby weight before my baby’s first birthday. Yes, I gave myself 12 months to be able to lose 33 lbs (about 15 kg) weight. Because I thought that should be a reasonable target. Plus, I gave an exceptional allowance. What if I didn’t achieve to lose all the extra weight, I will settle with a however weight I become.

Although I didn’t set a particular plan on how to do it, there were things that I did and they helped me losing weight.

And here they are:

#1. Be kind to me

As I said, I was already having baby-blues, so I didn’t want to lower my self-esteem even further by being hard on myself about my weight. I tried to accept the bigger size of me. Instead of being miserable, I tried to look after myself better.

I took a long shower or bath whenever I could. Mostly when my baby was having a morning nap. I tried to dress up decently. Because when you have a baby who needs your constant attention like nursing, chances are you’ll end up looking scruffy. You won’t have time to dress up. Most of the time, you’d probably wear your PJ’s and nighties. So yeah, I find by changing my clothes to a decent one could uplift my mood as well as an expression of self-care. At least for me.

Although I tried my best to tidy up and clean the house, I tried to understand and forgive myself if I didn’t or couldn’t do all the housework I wanted to do. In other words, I tried to chill and not stressed up about everything. I was trying to be kind and nice to myself.

#2. Eat well and healthy

We all know about the importance of a healthy diet, don’t we? Even more so when you try to lose weight after C-section ๐Ÿ˜†.

But the thing is, when you’re stress or when things are a bit overwhelming, you tend to just grab any food that you can find. I used to have cravings for junk foods like burgers and pizzas. So, I tried to reduce this by trying to keep better and healthier food at home.

I didn’t stop my love affairs with burgers though. I just tried to cut down. The reason was that I didn’t want to deprive myself of something that I like. So instead, I cut down the junk food and tried to make up with eating more healthy option. That way, I’d feel happy but not as guilty.

When it comes to food, I didn’t really follow any particular diet plan. I just did the basic idea of a healthy diet which is to stay away from too much sugar, fat, and carbs. No fizzy drinks. No fruit juice. And I don’t drink alcohol anyway, so I didn’t have calories problem from drinking alcohol. I stick to water really.

#3. Rest whenever possible

All moms know how hard it is to sleep and rest during the night when you have a baby. Broken sleep and awake nights are common things in the lifestyles of mothers with babies.

Fatigue and exhaustion due to lack of sleep can be detrimental to moms’ well-being.

Even though it was difficult for me to find time to rest during the day, I tried my best to have at least one hour snooze or just to relax and do nothing. Normally I would do it while my baby was napping. Sometimes I would fall asleep, sometimes I just lied down and rested. If I got lucky, I’d do this both in the morning and afternoon or early evening. Basically, I tried to rest whenever I could and tried to avoid getting more exhausted than I already was.

#4. Walk miles and miles away

One of the things that I did to get rid of my baby blues was walking. I used to walk a lot. Miles and miles away. Everyday. Whenever I felt a bit down, I would just feed my baby and put him in the pram, and off we went.

I started walking when my baby was around 6 weeks old. The reason was I wanted to make sure I was giving my body to heal properly after the C-section. Besides, the first six-week were quite hard for me. Because I don’t have my family and friends live nearby to help me. So having to do everything myself after C-section was tough.

But once I started walking, the walks became my regular exercise. Not only did it help me to uplift my mood, but I guess it also helped me shed some fat off my body. It was the only form of exercise that I did.

In order for me to make the most of my walks, I normally did it about an hour after a meal. So, say if I’d do it in the morning, I’d started walking about an hour after my breakfast. If it was afternoon, I’d go walking for about an hour after I had my lunch. I wouldn’t go walking near the mealtime. Because I didn’t want to feel hungry when I walk. I find that the hunger pangs after the walk could make my overeating.

People told me that breastfeeding can help you lose weight. I was looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I could only nurse my baby for about 4 months. So, when I stopped breastfeeding him, I didn’t have the opportunity to lose weight easier๐Ÿ˜„. At least, so I thought.

Therefore, when I stopped nursing my baby, I challenged myself with a harder and tougher walk every day. Either I lengthened the distance, or I would fasten my pace and go through an uphill climb.

#5. Stay positive and motivated

We know that sometimes it can be challenging to stay positive and motivated. Motivating yourself to lose weight after C-section might have ups and downs too. Especially when I had a long night due to baby’s teething, etc. All I wanted was to eat and do nothing.

So, on the days when I felt too tired to walk, I would take it easy on myself. I’d allow myself to rest more and tell myself that I’ve been doing well so far that it’s ok to have a break from walking a day or two. Although, most of the time I managed to pull myself up and go for a walk.

Conclusion on how to lose weight after C-section

Every mom would dream to get back to pre-baby weight after childbirth. And it can be challenging. But, when you had your baby through C-section, you would have more challenges to try to lose weight.

Because, not only do you have to recover from childbirth, you also have to recover from major surgery which is the C-section. So really, you have to give yourself time to heal first before trying to lose your weight.

Therefore, in the first six weeks, after I had my baby, I only concentrated on getting used to my new life as a mom. At the same time trying to give my body time to heal and rest.

So, six weeks after the C-section, when I felt ready to do a bit of exercise which is walking, I set myself a target to lose weight at the same time. I was not sure how long it would take me to lose weight, but I gave myself 12 months to try. I didn’t do a fancy diet plan. Nor I used the gym facility. All I did was trying the following:

  1. Being kind to myself
  2. Eat well and healthy
  3. Take a rest whenever possible
  4. Go for a walk (almost) every day
  5. Stay positive and motivated

Yes, I did get back to my pre-baby weight before my baby’s first birthday. But in hindsight, if I didn’t reach my goal I wouldn’t care. Because really, having your first child is a big life-changer. You have a lot to adjust. So, if I stick to the five things above, I’m sure I’d be okay even if I only lost a bit of weight. At the end of the day, it’s my well-being and sanity that more important.

I’m curious about what you think of this weight-loss issue. What would you do to try to lose weight after C-section? Perhaps you have different ideas to share? Let me know.

All the best.

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