101 Things To Be Happy About When You Start A New Life Far From Home

101 Things To Be Happy About When You Start A New Life Far From Home
101 tips to stay happy when you just moved far away from your family and friends.

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Starting a new life far from home is exciting but it can also be lonely at the beginning. Especially when all the excitement has gone, you may find it a bit challenging to amuse yourself and to stay happy. Because chances are you don’t know many people in your new place, and you’re not familiar with the place yet. But hey, nothing is impossible to achieve. 

When I moved to the UK 14+ years ago, there were no smartphones and access to the internet was not as easy as you now have at your fingertips. Therefore, minimum communication with my family and friends across the sea often made me feel homesick. But I always knew that at the end of the day, happiness is about our mindset. And that happiness is about perspective and willingness to do something that can give a positive feeling. So I knew that I have to do something to be happy. I can’t expect happiness to come knocking on my door if I don’t do anything for it to appear.


I’ve also learned that to make myself happy, I have to start with myself and do something within my means and control. Appreciating everything around me can arouse the feeling of joy. I’m sure everybody will have their own preferences about what they must do to feel happy. But I’d like to think that 101 things listed below can be reasons for many people to smile and be happy.  

  1. Starting the day in the morning alive and well. 
  2. Having a bathroom with a toilet to clean yourself 
  3. Morning prayer or meditation before you start the day
  4. A breakfast that you like with a cup of tea or coffee 
  5. Listening to the sound of chirping birds
  6. A peace and quiet morning
  7. Planning your day 
  8. Listening to your kind of music 
  9. Watching the news on TV
  10. Unpacking your stuff and putting them away
  11. Tidying up your new place
  12. Sending “I love you and I miss you” text to your mom.
  13. Having a walk around the area of your new house
  14. Seeing your new neighbors and have a friendly chat with them
  15. Doing grocery shopping at a local shop
  16. Cooking a nice meal for lunch
  17. Calling your mom and dad 
  18. Texting your friends
  19. Finishing your work for the day on time
  20. Having a nice lunch
  21. Going to the local town center 
  22. Getting an ice cream
  23. Watching the lively hustle and bustle in town 
  24. Going to the town gallery
  25. Shopping at the town mall

101 Things to be happy about when you are far from home

  1. Buying a newly released book 
  2. A cup of coffee at a cafe in town
  3. Reading your new book
  4. Receiving a text of “I miss you” from your loved ones
  5. Taking selfies to send to your loved ones
  6. Having a laugh over the texts with your loved ones
  7. Watching people alive
  8. Giving some money to the homeless people you see
  9. Seeing the green trees and blue sky
  10. Greetings to passers-by 
  11. Smiling to people
  12. Seeing the birds fly in the sky
  13. Looking at happy children smiling and laughing
  14. Video calling your family across the sea
  15. Walking in a park
  16. Listening to your favorite podcast
  17. Watching new videos on Prime
  18. Starting a gym routine
  19. Meeting new people at the gym and make friends
  20. Finding a local social club of your interest
  21. Meeting with your new friends
  22. Or talking to new friends over the phone
  23. Be social. Invite your new friends for lunch
  24. Trying a new recipe
  25. Helping others, i.e. new friends or neighbors

  1. Listening to your friend’s conversation
  2. Treating yourself with your favorite junk food, e.g. burger, chips and milkshakes
  3. Achieving daily target
  4. Be nice and friendly to an assistant at the local shop
  5. Feeding the wild birds outside
  6. Having the house clean
  7. Finished all the laundry
  8. Ironing all the clothes
  9. Ordering a pizza delivery
  10. Receiving a birthday card
  11. Getting a birthday present delivery 
  12. Managing to write a daily journal
  13. Buying a new pair of shoes
  14. Shopping for some new clothes
  15. Going out for a meal with your partner/spouse
  16. Trying out new food
  17. Getting home safe and dry well in time before the rain started pouring
  18. Having a nice cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day
  19. Eating lovely cookies with a cuppa
  20. Online shopping for your mother’s day present
  21. Calling your siblings (mine will be my lovely sister)
  22. Calling your old friends
  23. Having a snuggle on the sofa watching TV with a big bowl of popcorn
  24. Starting a new hobby, e.g. drawing, painting, tennis, swimming, crochet, writing, etc.
  25. Finishing a new hobby project

  1. Cooking your traditional food and share it with your neighbor
  2. Starting a new course to learn something new, e.g. cooking, bookkeeping, teaching, etc.
  3. Finishing the course and apply the knowledge
  4. Finding and joining a group of likeminded people on social media
  5. Browsing the internet
  6. Rolling through Pinterest
  7. Getting an indoor flower plant for the house
  8. Buying nice stuff to decorate the house
  9. Rearranging and decorating the house
  10. Having your new friends visit you
  11. Finding a job ad that might suit you
  12. Getting a call for a job interview
  13. Receiving a delicious homemade food from your new friends
  14. A long nice hot bath in DIY-spa style
  15. Face mask
  16. A cozy new PJ set with cute design
  17. Tuning into Prime music and dancing like nobody’s watching 
  18. Going for sightseeing around your new place
  19. Joining the local library
  20. Borrowing the books up to the limit from the local library
  21. Exploring the outdoor nature around the new place
  22. Going to the national parks, beaches, or the lakes nearby
  23. Trying out all sorts of public transport, e.g. trains, trams, buses, etc.
  24. Learning about online business
  25. Finding an idea for online business
  26. Starting an online business

Final thoughts on things to be happy about when you’re far from home

I’m sure the list above can go on and on with more numbers. But I’ll leave that for you to explore yourself. Because those 101 things above are only some ideas that you might’ve overlooked or simply forgotten.

Cherish every moment that you have, enjoy everything that you do and keep adding small nice things for yourself. At the end of the day, you’ll be surprised how happy the day it turned out. 

So, drop me a message in the comment box if you have something to add on the list. I pray you’re surrounded by many things that make you feel happy.

All the best.

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