The Importance of Gratitude For Life Survival

The Importance of Gratitude For Life Survival
Young woman showing her heartfelt gratitude and thanks clasping her hands to her heart with a pleased smile

The Meaning of Gratitude

Understanding Gratitude

We all know that being grateful can give positive feeling within us. And when you feel positive, you’ll feel encouraged more to strive in whatever situation you are in.

However, it’s not easy to have gratitude at all times. Often you forget, and at times you just can not bring that gratitude out because of the life problems you have.

Whether we admit it or not, at the time of hardship we’re likely withdrawn in grief and end up complaining about our problems instead.

This complain is what hinder us from being able to see the positive side of our problem and make us ungrateful.

Because, gratitude is basically about being able to see the positive side of something so that we appreciate it and feel thankful for its existence.

So regardless whatever happens, we should try to see the good side of it.

Find out the benefits of gratitude and how important it is to always be grateful for our life survival

It’s All About Perspectives

Obviously it’s easier to thank for something that positive, nice, beneficial, or give us joy and happiness. But what about something that is negative, bad, restrictive and gives us difficulties, or makes us sad and grieve? Should we be grateful for it? And how can we?

Remember the saying of “blessings in disguise”? Well, that’s what we have to search when circumstances are not in our favour.

We have to be able to step out of our comfort zone and see the bad thing that happen from different perspectives.

When we do that, we will be able to see the positive side of that negative thing. We will see the good side of that bad thing.

We also have to keep reminding ourselves that difficulties and hardships are there to make us strong and better. Without them, we won’t be pushed out of our comfort zone and thrive.

So instead of worrying and thinking of what we don’t have, accepting and appreciating everything we have actually what makes us feel grateful.

Many Things To Be Grateful For

We don’t have to think too hard to find things we can appreciate. Just look around us. There are so many people who have less than us as well as many people who have more than us. And I’m not talking about material things only.

A while ago I couldn’t stop crying after I’ve learned about this rare brain condition that makes a person can’t do multiple things at a time. She has to focus and concentrate hard when she wants to do something. Because her brain can not function to do more than one thing at a time.

So when she tries to focus on walking, she will stumble and fall if her concentration is disturbed by doing another thing such as hearing. Her brain can’t control two actions at the same time.

We take for granted the fact that we can do our work, typing away composing sentences that come to our mind, at the same time listening to our favorite music. Or cooking and washing up the dishes at the same time. Or eating our meals at the same time we’re chatting away.

So really, there are endless things that we can be grateful for no matter what situation we are in.

a young woman put her hands on her chest as  a gesture of feeling grateful

The Benefits of Gratitude That Are Important For Our Life Skills

There are many benefits of gratitude that can be viewed from various disciplines. Science studies find that gratitude can improve the brain and heart. From the psychological point of views, there are endless benefits of being grateful. Some of them are prevent stress, reduce anxiety and depression, positive attitude, boost self-confidence and self-esteem, etc.

I’ve learned from my own life experience how it is necessary for me to be grateful at any circumstances. How I can be more positive about life by embracing my gratitude.

Once you know the benefits of gratitude, there shouldn’t be any reason for you not to build an attitude of gratitude. Because this quality can be one of your life survival kits. A skill that can help you get on with life, regardless come what may.

1. Helps Us Build A Stronger Mind

When you keep trying to see the positive side of things and find reasons to feel thankful, you’re actually teaching yourself to be more positive thinking. Naturally, this positivity will stop any toxic thoughts come to mind

You’ll be more positive in general. Because your mind will be more peaceful and calm as it doesn’t receive negative waves. And it has more energy to focus on other things that matter.

This will keep you away from unnecessary stress, reduce anxiety and depression.

2. Improves Our Character

As your mind become more positive and stronger, you’ll become more positive and optimist about things. You’ll have more compassion, understanding, patience and empathy towards others.

Even when you feel annoyed and upset about someone, you’ll be able to understand why she is like that and why you got annoyed. At the end, you’ll be able to forgive and move on.

Moreover, you’ll appreciate and love yourself better. This will boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

3. Encourages Social Intelligence

When your character’s improved, naturally you’ll have more awareness about yourself and others. Because you comprehend and empathize others better.

You’ll be able to cope with and adapt to change in social environment. This will help you get along with others whom your positivity resonates across.

Also, your positive mind will be able to block negative energy from those who don’t click with you. Overall, gratitude can improve your people skills.

4. Boosts Our Physical Health

There are many science studies about the benefits of gratitude for physical health. The above mentioned on how it improves the brain and heart is only one of them. Because constantly feeling grateful can also help boost your immune system, improve your hormone balance, and minimize disease risk.

If we relate every benefits from different aspects, it’s amazing how they all connect and work together to keep us physically healthy. To simply put, your positive attitude from being grateful can encourage you more to look after yourself which at the end gives positive impact to your physical health.

Conclusion Of The Importance Of Gratitude For Life Survival

Feeling grateful may sound easy and trivial. But its benefits really important for our lives.

Gratitude is not only about feeling thankful for the good things that happen in our lives. But it’s also about appreciating the blessings in disguise of bad things that happen in life.

Because there are always two sides of everything. Positive. Negative. So, it’s undoubtedly necessary to also appreciate the positive side of negative thing in order to stay grateful.

With a consistent habit, being in gratitude can help to build strong mind, improve character, enhance social intelligence and boost physical health.

When we can have these four things bettered, we can face challenges in life better.

All the best.

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  1. This is thought-provoking, it is often easier to think about the things we don’t have in our lives or access to. Than to think of all things that we do have

    1. Devy

      Indeed. That’s something we must strive to change.

  2. Rebecca Smith

    It is so important to practise gratitude -as you say, it is important for life survival. It can be easy to be weighed down in thinking about what we don’t have rather than being grateful for what we do have.

    1. Devy

      Yes, i suppose it’s a part of human nature that we tend to worry about what don’t have rather than to appreciate what we have.

  3. Ali Rost

    When our older dog was nearing the end of his life, my husband and I had many, many sleepless nights. Amid the chaotic haze, we started a new tradition – we write thank you letters to each other every day. (Well, every night would be a more apt description… ) I have saved each and every one. And I have to say, they mean more to me than any love letter he could ever write.

    1. Devy

      Aww…I bet those letters have become the witnesses of your emotional journey of that particular time. It’s like a journal which will always remind you how things progressed. So that you’ll be grateful ever.

  4. Rachael

    It’s so interesting to read that having a most positive outlook on life and practicing gratitude can boost your physical health as well as mental. This was a good read, I always try and remain grateful but sometimes it is hard to put things back into perspective.

    1. Devy

      Thank you. But with practice, we will be good at having gratitude.

  5. Rhian Westbury

    This is very interesting and also very true. Sometimes we don’t remember to show gratitude for our life and what’s happening as we’re so tied up in the smaller things x

    1. Devy

      Yes, it happens to all of us. But with practice, we’ll be good at being grateful

  6. Melanie williams

    I could not agree with you more on this one. Gratitude keeps you grounded and well rounded for sure xx

    1. Devy

      I’m glad you agree with me 😊.

  7. Super Busy Mum

    I agree with you on this 100%! Gratitude is so important and something I remind my children of, every day.

    1. Devy

      Yes totally. I keep reminding my kids all the time that I sound like an old broken record 😆

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