Many women had to make a decision in life that takes her far away from home due to marriage. 

A decision that separates her from family and friends whom she knows all her life.

It is exciting to start a new life in a new place. But, it can equally be daunting and frightening. Because you don’t know anybody apart from yourself, and you know that you will be on your own in whatever happens.

You also know that it does take time and effort to meet people and make friends. So until then, you may come across many things that you wish you’d have somebody to share it with … apart from your husband, or your significant other. 

Now, if you’re one of them……who ended up relocating far away from your homeland, or simply moving to a new place where you hardly know anybody …

Welcome to …

A woman stretching her arms to embrace new challenges of being Thousands Of Miles Away from her old life

I hope what I share on this blog can give you practical insights to help you become an amazing mom for your children BUT at the same time able to keep your own wellness.

Because being a mom is not easy, and being a mom far from your family and friends is even more challenging.

So I hope I can be your friend. Through the journey of my life’s highs, downs, and in between.

I hope you can take away useful info that can help you be your best for your offspring and spouse/partner without neglecting your own personal growth.

Finally, I thank you for coming by. Together, let’s build the life we always dream of, a fulfilled and content life. Even if we’re Thousands of Miles Away from the life we once knew.

With so much love and wishes,