About Me

Many women probably had to make a decision in life that take her miles if not thousands of miles away from home.

The reason can be marriage, study or work change.

A decision that separates her from family and friends that she knows all her life to start a new life.

It is exciting to start a new life in a new place. But, it can equally be daunting and frightening. Because you don’t know anybody apart from yourself, and you know that you will be on your own in whatever happens then.

This huge change of life takes a lot to fit in. Because you hardly know anybody in your new life.

And we all know that it does take time and effort to meet people and make friends. Until then, you may come across lots of things that you wish you have somebody to share it with … apart from your husband, if your relocation is due to marriage. If your relocation is because of other things like work or study, then there you go …. you’ll completely be a lone soul in your new place 😐.

A woman stretching her arms to embrace new challenges of being Thousands Of Miles Away from her old life

So, if you’re one of them……who ended up being thousands of miles away from family and friends, or simply moved to a new area where you hardly know anybody, or just faced a big change in life that can be overwhelming…


Here, you will find tips and inspirations to help you learn to cope and adjust with changes so that you can create happy bubbles in your life.

Even though you’re away from the life you used to know.

Furthermore, you will find insights and motivation to help you through the life changes and create contentment in your life.

And I am, Devy, the woman behind this blog 😊, sharing my experience of more than 14 years being away from my own family and friends.

I am originally from Indonesia. Due to marriage, I relocated to UK more than 14 years ago and have been living there since.

Being far away from family and friends, I have learned a great deal about how to cope with changes in life. How to adjust myself with cultural shocks without losing my own birth-culture.

My husband always says, “you can take a girl out of Indonesia, but you can’t take Indonesia out of a girl” ……lol…. I just take it as a compliment 😉

Likewise, coming from a majority Muslim country to a minority one in the west, I have also been learning how to keep my faith close to my mind and heart at the same time I value other people’s faiths and views.

I learned that differences in views, faiths or values are nothing but the colours of rainbow.

So, if we can respect and embrace those differences, I believe the world will be a happier place.

A Key to Happiness when you're Thousands of Miles Away from home
Key to Happiness on a wooden table top

Therefore, if like me, you’re alone in a way of being far from the life you once know before, I will help you to:

  • become more positive and focus on what really matters in life
  • create contentment in your new life
  • realize an ideal life of your own with whatever you have
  • achieve your own dreams despite challenges that come in your way

Finally, I thank you for coming by. Together, let’s build the life we always dream of, a fulfilled and content life. Even if we’re Thousands of Miles Away from the life we once know.

With so much love and wishes,

Peace xxxx