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things to help you settle down in a new place

When you relocated to a new place, the prospect of not knowing anybody and anything about the place can be scary. And even if you were okay initially, sometimes people around you make you worried. Because they’re worried about you.

I remember when I was leaving my home country after I got married. My sister in law was worried about me and kept asking if I would be alright as I would be thousands of miles away from family and friends.

Although I kept saying that I would be alright, I know that in the back of my mind, I did have some sort of worries. It’s only natural I suppose.

Yes, the reason of my relocation is marriage. So, in a way it’s kinda exciting type of reason. Nevertheless, it’s scary prospect. Thinking of what to do to fit in the new life out there.

I used to think like… what if I don’t like the place? And if I don’t like the weather? Then what if I don’t get along with the people there? and that I don’t like the food? Or if I get homesick so much that I want to move back? what if I struggle to settle down in this new place?…and many more what-ifs.

But as time went by, I’ve learned things that help me settle down in my new place. Obviously, everybody has her own personal choices according to what suits her character and circumstances, but I think there are some generalities that all of us may share.

So here, I’m sharing 50 tips for you to try, so that you will be able to settle down in your new place quickly. Let me know if I miss anything. Perhaps you can make the list even longer.

50 Things To Do To Adapt The Change And Settle Down In A New Place Quickly

  1. Tidy up and decorate your new home in the way you would be comfortable within it.
  2. Check the TV channels and find the programs you’ll like.
  3. Browse the internet for things you’re interested in.
  4. Get familiar with your new neighborhood. Have a walk around your new home.
  5. Get to know your neighbors. Introduce yourself.
  6. Find out your local shop where you can get your basic necessities such as a bottle of milk, etc.
  7. Invite your new extended family for dinner/lunch at your new home. If your relocation was due to a relationship i.e. Marriage, etc.
  8. Get to know your new family over the food you cooked for them.
  9. Go out with your new family member to explore your new place.
  10. Phone your family back at home.
  11. Keep in touch with your friends back home via emails, social media, phone calls, etc.
  12. Do a regular talk to yourself because the initial period after relocation can be lonely and hard. So you will have to encourage yourself to stay positive.
  13. Make a list of why you relocated.
  14. Write a list of what you want in life after your relocation.
  15. Make a list of what you want to do according to your life dreams.
  16. Make a list of what steps you need to take to achieve your dreams.
  17. Go to your local library regularly.
  18. Find some information on what’s going on in your local areas such as social clubs, arts or sports activities.
  19. Try public transport and go sightseeing around the town/city you now live in.
  20. Go to a museum.
  21. Have a walk in the nearest park.
  22. Go to the town center. Explore and get to know your new town.
  23. Whenever you need to do grocery shopping, try different shops/supermarkets every time. Until you get to know most of the shops around you.
  24. Go for clothes shopping.
  25. Find and join local clubs for activities you may be interested in, i.e. yoga, painting class, etc.
  26. When you made friends, invite them over to your new home.
  27. And cook your traditional food for your new friends.
  28. Go out and watch movies at the cinema.
  29. Go for a swim at the nearest swimming pool.
  30. Research, find out and explore the outdoor nature around your new place, e.g. beaches, forests, mounts, lakes, etc.
  31. Start a jogging routine.
  32. Learn how to cook local food.
  33. Go for clothes shopping.
  34. Start a journal.
  35. Establish an exercise routine at home if you prefer doing so.
  36. Or you can join a gym if you don’t like doing exercise at home.
  37. Learn and try new recipes.
  38. Go to art galleries.
  39. Watch sport matches that you like, e.g. Football, tennis, etc.
  40. Start voluntary work at a charity shop.
  41. Find and join the local religious house of worship according to your faith, i.e. Church, mosque, synagogue, temple, etc.
  42. Be a part of the activities of your faith’s house of worship.
  43. Start and develop a new interest and learn to do it by joining classes for it, e.g. Cooking, baking, sewing, tennis, golf, etc.
  44. Find out about the social groups of people from your home country. Get in touch with them and join them.
  45. Make the most of social media. Find interest groups on social media of your local area. Interact with them and see if you can actually join some of their activities offline.
  46. If possible for you, find a full-time or part-time job.
  47. Open the possibilities of being friends with your new colleagues.
  48.  Think, research, and start an online business idea.
  49. Learn and do gardening.
  50. Don’t stop learning. Explore yourself by trying new things.
50 Things to help you settle down in a new place quickly

Final Thoughts

As much as it seems daunting to start a new a life in a foreign place, it’s not that scary if we strive to stay positive and open ourselves to new things. At the end of the day, it’s your perspective that can help yourself settle down in a new place. It’s your attitude of trying new things and embrace the change that helps you build your new life.

And with advanced technology at your finger tips, you can keep in touch with your family and old friends back at home literally on daily basis if you want. So you don’t have reasons to feel totally away from home.

Finally, just make sure you keep yourself busy and excite yourself with new things. Soon you will find yourself surrounded with so many new friends and engrossed with your new life that you won’t even remember when you moved to that new place ?. Because you’ll feel like you’d been there forever.

Wish you all the best.

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  1. Hi there, I think you have covered everything. It is very well written and so friendly. I left my homeland 41years so I know how much welcoming and friendliness means when you are new somewhere. ????

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