20 New Year’s Resolution Ideas When You Just Moved To A New Place

20 New Year’s Resolution Ideas When You Just Moved To A New Place

We are entering a new decade in 2020. So, let’s try to contemplate and think of resolution ideas and what we hope for the coming year. And if you just moved to a foreign land far away from family and friends, making a new year’s resolutions can be more exciting. 

However, a study says that most people fail to achieve their resolutions for various reasons which you can read here and here.

So, before you decide what you want to achieve in 2020, let’s make sure your goals have a higher achievement rate than failing rate by following below tips:

  • 1. Be specific. Don’t use generic terms and words for what you want to accomplish. For example, instead of using ‘lose weight’ as your aim, try to specify as ‘lose 20 lbs by cutting the carbs and 2 hours exercise a week’. When you have a clear goal like this, you’ll likely get more motivated and find it easier to pursue.
  • 2. Choose realistic and manageable goals. So that you won’t be overwhelmed and lose motivation which can lead to giving up when the going gets tough. Besides, if you can achieve your goals easier and quicker than you thought, you can always set new ones along the way. 

  • 3. Jot down and share. Writing down your goals is more effective and likely to be achieved than just keeping them in your thoughts. Also, sharing and telling the goals to others will create a higher chance of their realization. 

New year's resolution ideas when you just relocated

  • 4. Self-talk and self-affirmation. Ask yourself what you really want and why you want it. Make sure the reason is because of yourself, not others. And then, list them down for whenever you need a motivation boost.

  • 5. Decide what kind of environment you want yourself to be in. Because you want to be with positive people and in a conducive environment that aligns with your goals. 

So, here are the lists of ideas that can be your 2020 new year’s resolutions. 

20 Things to do in 2020

1. More regular prayer/ meditation routine 

As life gets busier and crazier, prayer/meditation is often overlooked as a source of spiritual nourishment. In prayer/meditation, we’ll find peace for our soul and strength for the mind. And no matter what happens to us, we’ll surely have the universe back us up. 

2. Cook more healthy family recipes

It’s so tempting to just grab the so-called healthy ready-meals when we do grocery shopping. But nothing can beat proper homemade meals. Yes, it can be time-consuming, feels more expensive, and takes a bit of know-how to make. However, with a little bit of organization and planning, things can be done fairly easily. You can check Delicious magazine for some fabulous healthy family meal recipes on a budget. With 100+ yummy recipes, you’ll have months worth of meal planning ideas that the whole family would love.

3. Make a family budget plan 

The living cost has become more and more expensive regardless of where you live. So, you have to learn to be more financially savvy. Starting with how to make a family budget plan so that you can plan things better. This also helps you to avoid unnecessary spending and to save money. 

4. Make one-month worth weekly meal planner

Whether we realize it or not, food is one of the biggest spendings of all our living costs. So, let’s be more organized in 2020 by making our meal planner that filled with healthy family meals on a budget. No more spending time wondering about what to cook and wasting your hard-earned money due to buying the wrong food items.

You can download a free meal planner here, I’ve made a weekly and a monthly one for you so that you can budget even better.

New year's resolution ideas when you just moved away

5. Start and do yoga 

I can’t stress enough how Yoga should be one of our next resolutions. Osteopathic.org explains many benefits of yoga such as muscle flexibility, cardio health, vitality, balanced metabolism, weight reduction, and many more. 

And you don’t really have to spend time and money to do this spiritually calming exercise. You can do it at home using Youtube! My favorite of all Youtube yogis is Adriene. She makes things so easy to follow and understand. I started with 30 days of yoga and I can’t stop since. Check and subscribe to her channel so that you won’t miss your yoga session ever.

6. Join new activities, i.e. reading group, tennis club, cooking class, etc

We all know that when we moved to a new place, the first thing that can make us feel homesick is having no friends. Unfortunately, we do have to put effort to find and make friends with people. But obviously, we want people with common interests so that we can get along easily. By joining activity clubs and groups of your interests, you widen the chance to meet like-minded people. At the same time, you create enjoyment for yourself too.

7. Being outdoors more often 

The most obvious benefit of being outdoors is to get fresh air and our needed Vitamin D from the sun. But did you know that scientific study says that being outdoors can also improve our focus, creativity, vision, immune system and our overall health 

So, it’s the only sensible thing to do if we aim to be outdoors more often than not in 2020.

8. Aim to read one good book every month 

As Joseph Addison said, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body”. So let’s aim to read one good book every month. If there’s a public library in the area that you now live, don’t forget to join as a member and enjoy their book collections. If not, perhaps you can set a monthly book treat for yourself. And if you’re not in a position to buy any yet, you can try looking for free ebooks online. Sometimes you’ll come across a good book that you like.

Just keep reading, as reading is the window to the world

9. Write gratitude journal 

Although life gets hard and challenging sometimes, it’s important for us to always be grateful for what we have. We can start reminding ourselves by writing a gratitude journal.

One or two things every morning or night to include in your journal should be good enough. The main thing is we want to remind ourselves that no matter what happened, there’s always something to be grateful for. Little things like the clean air that we breathe or the water that we drink, etc.

One of new year's resolution is practice gratitude

10. Do one good deed every day 

Let’s promise ourselves to do one good deed every day in 2020. It doesn’t have to be big things, it can be as small as being nice to your neighbors or giving way to a pedestrian to cross the road. As long as we make someone smile and happy 😃. 

The study says that doing good is beneficial for physical and mental health, as well as improve our happiness and overall well-being. You can’t say no to this, can you?

11. Involve in a charity cause or volunteer

Now, this one is like an extension of our good deeds. If every one of us gets involved in a charity cause to help others, the world would be a better place 😊. But we shouldn’t worry about others. Let’s just focus on what we can do ourselves. You can join your local charity organizations of any cause that you’re interested in, or you can do something online by joining this online volunteering organization. Whichever you choose, let’s strive to make a difference to the world we live in. No matter how small it is. And if you need some affirmation, you can check the benefits of volunteering in this article by Helpguide.org.

12. Keep in touch with your family and friends at home

As you get busy trying to settle down in your new place, you might get carried away and forget to call or text your family and friends back at home. But I think it’s important to keep yourself rooted by keeping in touch with them. Nowadays, your communication device is at your fingertips. You can set a reminder at your smartphone to ring them. Easy peasy.  

13. Listen more and talk less

Just because we hear, it doesn’t mean we listen. And lots of people overlook the importance of good listening. Because when you have good listening skills, not only you can gain confidence and trust from people in you, but you also train yourself to be calmer and in control. Needless to say that listening attentively is beneficial in building friendships, especially when you need to make friends in your new place 😃.

14. Treat others the way you want to be treated

Just like the saying goes,” what goes around, comes around”. So, in 2020 you want to make sure you treat others around you exactly in the way you yourself want to be treated. Like, if you hope that people to be nice to you, then you must be nice to others too. Common sense really 😉. 

15. Invite friends over to your house

As I get older, I personally love getting together with friends at home than meeting outside. I find it more fun and relaxed, at the same time it encourages me to be generous and organized. Although this may not be a thing for many people, it’s something worth trying. Especially if you’re new to the area, and want to get to know people there. 

16. Me time

Don’t forget to do a bit of self-love and self-care. Having me-time is so important to unwind yourself after a hectic or stressful day. Make sure you do it every now and then. And you don’t have to aim to do something too fancy that you find it difficult to do. Why don’t you treat yourself with a luxury bath and aromatherapy treatment at home? Or perhaps watching Prime video as you enjoy your favorite snack? You decide.  

17. Give your old clothes for charity whenever you buy new ones

For several years now, I try to always swap my old clothes for charity whenever I bought new ones. I find it good to keep my wardrobe away from being overloaded. Besides, if you check your wardrobe, I guarantee you’ll find items that you haven’t worn for months or even years. So, I simply think that if we give those clothes to charity, someone else will make the most of them. It’s better than keeping them unused and wasted in our wardrobe. 

18. Develop a new hobby or explore yourself with old ones

Having hobbies has so many benefits for us. It gives us enjoyment, makes us free from a boring life, keeps us physically and mentally healthy, improves our social lives, and it can also be a source of making money. So, let’s try to explore ourselves in 2020 with something of our interests. 

19. Try to learn a new skill

Just because we’re good at something or many things, doesn’t mean we should stop learning new things. So in 2020 let’s aim at learning a new skill. We can dig deep into our souls to find out what we want to do. Perhaps there’s something we’ve been hoping to do, but never gets done? Then it’s time to start. In case you wonder why you should learn a new skill, you can check this article on why we should keep learning.

20. Try to make some extra money

Fancy making extra money from home? There are so many money-making ideas and opportunities you can explore. Starting from doing an online survey, virtual assistant, online shop, and many more.

Final thoughts on new year’s resolutions

As exciting as it is to begin a new year and to start new resolutions, at the end of the day we should always remember that we may not be able to achieve all at once.

I suppose patience, persistence, and perseverance are the keys. As well as allowing ourselves to make mistakes and let setbacks to happen sometimes.

I wish you all the best for the new year. Drop me a message on the comments below if you have other ideas to add for our resolution. If you find the post may benefit others, please feel free to share it.

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