Have you just relocated far from home?

let's create happy little bubbles in life

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Hi, I’m Devy.
I have a mission to help you embrace mom’s life after relocation. So that you can cope with the life change of being a mom far from home without losing your own-self, and finally, you can create a happy content life in a foreign land.
Because being a mom is not an easy task. And when you do it far from your own family and (old) friends, the motherhood journey can be more testing.
Having moved thousands of miles away from Indonesia to the UK 15 years ago, I’ve learned that being far from family and friends can be challenging sometimes. But it’s doable. With a bit of patience and perseverance 😄.
So if you’re like me, having a big life change due to marriage and relocation, let’s befriend.
Let me share with you my experience and journey of being a mom far from home.